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    “Sweet Potato” Casserole

    The holidays wouldn’t be complete with sweet potato casserole. Our low carb, gluten free version lets you enjoy this holiday favorite!

  • Thumbnail for Maple Bacon Shortbread

    Maple Bacon Shortbread

    Both sweet and savory, this low carb, gluten free shortbread will have you coming back for more!

  • Thumbnail for Cranberry “Corn Bread”

    Cranberry “Corn Bread”

    Sweet and tangy cranberries add flavor and color to this easy to make “corn bread”!

  • Thumbnail for Avocado Mousse

    Avocado Mousse

    A tasty treat!

  • Thumbnail for LC Chocolate Cheesecake

    LC Chocolate Cheesecake

    A decadent dessert recipe from our friends at Low Carb Central!

  • Thumbnail for Microwave Cobbler

    Microwave Cobbler

    Quick and delicious! Make with your favorite LC-Preserves flavor!

  • Thumbnail for White Birthday Cake

    White Birthday Cake

    Rachel has attempted many birthday cakes for our sons and myself over the years (and I’ve attempted one gigantic failure of a birthday cake for Rachel), but none of them have ever come close to this brand new recipe she came up with for a super moist white cake without using any flour or sugar. ~George

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    Pound Cake

    Pound cake is usually made with a full pound of butter but when you use almonds you don’t need all that butter as the almonds provide good monounsaturated fats that keep the cake moist and delicious! Since the almonds are also taking the place of the white flour in this recipe you get double the benefits! With no added sugar, no flour and added good fats you can indulge in this classic cake without the classic guilt! ~George