Low Carb Rye Bread 8 Slice Small Loaf - Fresh Baked

Low Carb Rye Bread 8 Slice Small Loaf - Fresh Baked
Price: $7.49
Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
UPC: 754205303670
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Size: 12.1oz (344g)

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Fresh baked, keto friendly, low carb rye bread, complete with caraway seeds - just 1 net carb per slice. This is a small loaf of 8 slices pre-sliced for your convenience. Amazing taste and perfect texture with no preparation - just slice and serve! This is truly great low carb bread!

With only 1 net carb, we guarantee that our fresh baked low carb rye bread is the best tasting and most affordable on the market! You will get 8 generous slices per loaf. This fresh baked low carb rye bread loaf has 8.2g of dietary fiber and 12g of protein per slice, to keep you feeling fuller for longer with the fiber built in to regulate and assist with protein digestion to keep you healthier. Our breads all feature premium wheat proteins, natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or "junk" that you see in many breads. We never use soy proteins or lecithin either! There is never any protein texture or flavor to our bread (or anything else we make!) - it just tastes like regular bread, but super low carb with a great protein serving to boot. Naturally, the bread is also totally sugar free (and did we mention only 1 net carb per slice?).

Now you can enjoy a delicious Rueben, the low carb way!  Try making your own low carb thousand island dressing - combine 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup sour cream, 1/4 low carb ketchup, 3 Tablespoons sugar free relish and 1 Tablespoon prepared mustard. Voila! How about  making  tuna melts for the family?  Or check out this great summer sandwich recipe - combine 8 oz cream cheese, 1/2 cup mayo and 1 oz dry ranch dressing mix. Chill to blend flavors. Spread cream cheese mixture onto rye bread slices, top with cucumber slices and sprinkle with dill.

The fresh baked low carb, keto bread loaf is delivered to you fresh from our ovens on the day it is baked. It is never frozen. It is never old. And you don't have to mix it, knead it, bake it. You just get fresh - open the bag, slice and serve. So easy and delicious! Our low carb fresh baked breads are known to be as good as it gets for low carb breads.

Finally - home delivered fresh baked low carb bread. No junk ingredients. No pre-frozen product.

As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 slice (43g) 3-3/4"wide x 5"tall x 1/2"thick
Servings per Container: 8
Calories: 139 Cal
Calories from Fat: 54 Cal
Total Fat: 6.0 g
Saturated Fat: 2.4 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 7 mg
Sodium: 221 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 9.2 g
Dietary Fiber: 8.2 g
Sugars: 0 g
Protein: 12 g
Net Carbs: 1 g
Wheat protein isolates, resistant wheat starches, flax seed meal, vital wheat gluten, butter, coconut oil, Inulin (chicory root fiber), salt, instant dry yeast, caraway seeds, calcium propionate (as a preservative), natural flavoring, vinegar, organic stevia, natural luo han guo monk fruit and natural enzymes
8 reviews
I have HATED every. single. low-carb bread I've ever tasted. I decided to give this one a try because DAMN I miss sandwiches. This bread is amazing. Good taste AND texture. Best low carb bread out there! Hands down!!!
8 reviews
Joyce Hart
Just tried your rye bread for the first time and it is the BEST low carb bread I’ve ever tasted! I toasted it for a ham and cheese sandwich and it was delicious. Definitely I will order this again.
8 reviews
Lorri H
I ordered this small loaf thinking I'll give it a try, but I seriously doubt that it will taste anything like rye bread. When my order arrived, I opened the package and was immediately hit with the smell of rye bread. I toasted a couple of pieces and made a turkey sandwich for dinner. Ohhhhhh it tastes JUST like rye bread! Great bread texture too! Will definitely be ordering the large loaf next time! Also, I am diabetic and this product did NOT spike my blood sugar. Thank you LC Foods for a fantastic way to have sandwiches and toast again!
8 reviews
Merry Guido
I've especially missed caraway rye bread since going low carb. This really makes very good toast. I'm ordering two more loaves today!
8 reviews
Penne L
LC Foods is an awesome company that makes wonderful products. We recently ordered four loaves of the 1 carb Rye bread, and the bread was delicious. The package also arrived at our door only four days after we had placed the order. How great is that! I recommend this company and I endorse their products and their service!!!
8 reviews
Karen M
I have to agree with the other reviews- this is a fantastic product! I have tried other low carb breads and they all tasted like cardboard. Rye toast is what I have missed the most for breakfast and club sandwiches and now I can have them both again. I cannot get over how you make this taste like the name brand that I used to buy, but please don't stop making it. I'm happy to pay a bit more for a great product!
8 reviews
Cynthia J
All I can say is wow!!! I feel like a real person again, a real person who can have bread, doesn't feel guilty about it and more than satisfied with what I just ate. Please continue to make the FRESH Low carb products for us. 5 Star product
8 reviews
This was fantastic! I have not eaten bread in months, so take my review with a grain of salt, as I have forgotten the proper taste and texture. This had the rye bread consistency and flavor down perfectly!

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