Low Carb Breakfast Box Sampler

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Low Carb Breakfast Box Sampler
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Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
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Kick your breakfast up a notch with our Low Carb Breakfast Box Sampler.
Whether you're looking for something quick to take on-the-go or low carb options for a Sunday brunch we've got you covered.
1 - Low Carb Plain Bagels - 3 Pack
1 - Low Carb Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins - 4 Pack
1 - Low Carb Pancake Mix 
1 - Low Carb Belgian Waffle Mix
Solve your breakfast blues with this fantastic sampler pack.
You can freeze our fresh baked products to save for later, confident they’ll taste great when defrosted. 
Our high protein and fiber products are guarunteed to keep you full and happy all morning long!
Customer Comments:

"These bagels are amazing!!! So glad I tried them. Just ordered again."

"These pancakes are so good- and so like the 'real thing'- that I teared-up
a little the first time I ate them. Seriously. Pancakes are one of the things
I miss the most about the LC lifestyle and this mix makes it all better!"

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