Low Carb Thanksgiving Meal Box

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New Product! Low Carb Thanksgiving Meal Box
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Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
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Join in on the feast this year and surprise the family with your delicious LOW CARB meal options.
Try our Low Carb Thanksgiving Sampler Box. Featuring the following 6 guilt-free options to make your dinner a hit!
  • Low Carb Angel Rolls - Fresh Baked
  • Low Carb Seasoned Bread Stuffing
  • Low Carb Cranberry Sauce Mix
  • Low Carb Thick n Saucy (Low Carb Thickener)
  • Low Carb Thick n Potatoes
  • Low Carb Pie Crust Mix​

Don't miss your chance to dine with the family this year without worrying about all the high carb traditional dishes on the table!
Customer Comments:
"Wow! I finally found a low carb pie crust that is great. It's not a passable substitute for a pie crust THIS IS A PIE CRUST, a very tasty and flaky pie crust. Thank you!!"
"I had the Cranberry Sauce Mix sitting on my shelf for a while and pulled it out for Thanksgiving and it was AMAZING !!! It is great with turkey and ham but also wonderful with beef and chicken!! I doubled the recipe so I would have plenty and I will defintiely be purchasing this item again!!"
"We're back for more Angel Rolls! When warmed up, these heavenly little rolls are crusty on the outside and soft in the middle -- just perfect texture and taste. When you're working on reversing diabetes on a low-carb diet, something so simple as a delicious little roll served with soup or salad makes it all bearable. These are so good, our non-low-carb family members are none the wiser."
"Oh. Em. GEE. This Thick n Saucy is a game changer! I do lots of meal prep, but because boneless skinless chicken breast can get REALLY dry and boring, I've been looking for a way to spice it up without adding fats or carbs. Enter sauces, thickened with LC Thick & Saucy,and this is SERIOUSLY a game changer. I am a thoroughly happy camper! I feel like I was taking a chance on this product but MAN am I glad I did!"
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