Tips for Sticking to a Low Carb Diet During the Holidays

Sticking to a low carb lifestyle during the holidays can be challenging, but it’s definitely possible with a little bit of planning and preparation. The holiday season is all about fun and indulgence, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your healthy eating habits. In fact, maintaining your low carb way of eating can even help you feel your best and avoid the post-holiday slump.

Plan Ahead: Before you head to any holiday events, it’s a good idea to plan out your meals. Check with the host and find out what food choices will be available. Look for low carb options and consider bringing your own dish to share.

Don’t Arrive Hungry: It’s a good idea to eat a healthy meal or snack beforehand. With a satisfied tummy when you arrive, you will be less likely to mindlessly eat carb-loaded foods.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake: Alcoholic drinks can be high in carbs, so it’s a good idea to limit your intake. You can also choose low carb options like white wine or spirits mixed with sugar-free mixers.

Focus on Protein and Veggies: When you fill up your plate, focus on protein and non-starchy vegetables. These foods will help keep you feeling full and satisfied without the extra carbs.

Bring Your Own Snacks: If you’re on the go or attending an event where there may be limited low carb options, consider bringing your own snacks like LC Low Carb Bagel Chips, nuts or cheese. LC Foods has several low carb snack options from which to choose, including small snack packs that are perfect for on-the-go situations!

Stay Active: Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to skip your workouts. Stick to your exercise routine and stay active to help burn off those extra holiday calories.

Sticking to a low carb diet during the holidays is totally doable with a little bit of planning and preparation. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the festivities of the season and have fun! With these tips, you can stay on track with your low carb lifestyle and still savor all the holiday cheer without a trace of post-holiday guilt!

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