Low Carb NY Style Everything Bagels 3 pack - Fresh Baked

Low Carb NY Style Everything Bagels 3 pack - Fresh Baked
Price: $11.98
Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
UPC: 754205303649
Availability: In Stock
Qty. Available: 933
Size: 11.85 oz (336g) qty 3 - 4" bagels

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Low Carb | Everything Bagels | Fresh Baked | 3 Pack | Savory Breakfast Option | Healthy Sandwich Option | Keto | High Fiber | High Protein | Sugar Free | Zero Sugar | No Artificial
Not sure about the topping you want, get it all here. Our classic Fresh Baked Everything Bagels are sure to please. With just 2g net carbs per ½ bagel, these bagels provide a perfect low carb breakfast, lunch or snack option with a blend of seeds and spices. This 3-pack ensures you have a convenient and tasty treat ready whenever you need it.
Health Benefits:
Our Everything Bagels are designed to support your low carb diet. They are high in protein and fiber, made with premium ingredients, and free from added sugars and artificial ingredients.
Product Details:
3 bagels per package
2g net Carbs per ½ bagel
17.6g Protein per ½ bagel
13.5g Fiber per ½ bagel 
Made with premium natural ingredients
No added sugars or artificial ingredients
Quality and Convenience:
Our Fresh Baked Everything Bagels are not only flavorful but also incredibly convenient. Enjoy them fresh from the package or toasted for a richer taste. These bagels come in a re-sealable package to maintain freshness.
Why Choose Us:
At LC Foods, we are committed to providing high-quality, low carb products without added sugar or artificial ingredients. Our Everything Bagels offer a savory and nutritious option to support your dietary goals, making each meal a delightful experience. We are here to help make all your low carb dreams come true.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1/2 bagel 56 grams
Servings per Container: 6
Calories: 164 Cal
Calories from Fat: 32 Cal
Total Fat: 3.5 g
Saturated Fat: .4 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 5.8 mg
Sodium: 278 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 15.5 g
Dietary Fiber: 13.5 g
Sugars: 0 g
Protein: 17.6 g
Net Carbs: 2.0 g
Wheat protein isolates, resistant wheat starche, flax seed meal, olive oil, vital wheat gluten, instant dry yeast, Inulin (chicory root) fiber, salt, calcium propionate (as a preservative), poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced garlic, minced onion, vinegar, organic stevia, natural luo han guo monk fruit
38 reviews
Shalein Bonney
These are very large and Yummy. I toasted them and they were just as good as any store bagel. I cut them in half so now I have six instead of three. I recommend these!
38 reviews
Sylvia Kaplan
My husband and I love these bagels. They are so delicious that nobody would ever know they are not New York everything bagels straight from the best NYC bagel shop. We have been eating them for the last 4 years and are so grateful to have found them. Whether we are enjoying them with lox and cream cheese, whitefish salad, melted cheese or in an open faced sandwich they are pure bliss. Thank you for making our keto lifestyle a much easier road to walk.
38 reviews
Diane Bagster
I have been purchasing bagels and scones for at least 8 years. I have them for breakfast every day. Clearly the best low carb bagels I have have. Scones are great too! I hope everyone will try them!!
38 reviews
Joe Wright
Holy cow! These are the absolute best bagels I have had since I found out I was diabetic last year. I have tried the ones from better bagel, Royo Bagel and some other one from Etsy that was not good. These are the best bagels you can get that are low carb! I have no doubt about that whatsoever.
38 reviews
Out of 33 reviews there is not one person with any negative comment, really
38 reviews
Not eggs at all, good texture. Toasts well and still chewy like a full-carb bagel. Its 4g for a whole bagel but its worth it. I should have gotten the bigger pack!
38 reviews
Jessica Rose
I've been playing with low carb recipes for a couple years and these bagels are shockingly perfect. Does it taste exactly like a normal bagel, no. BUT they are so close in texture, and flavor that these will be regularly purchased from now on. i think the only reason i said no is because i love buttered bagels and when i tried buttered on my first bite i wasn't AS impressed as when i put cream cheese on. but as a cream cheese bagel i didn't feel like i was missing anything! I can't wait to try a breakfast sandwich. No egg or cheesy flavor like most keto recipes I've had. Genuinely tastes like a bagel.
38 reviews
Nichole Wagner
Wow! I was skeptical because they are a bit pricey, but these are delicious! I started low carb a little over a month ago and these are the perfect addition for a quick breakfast. I live states away in MN and got these super fast! Shipped next day and got them 1 day after that. Thank you!
38 reviews
I have done low carb for several years now and these bagels are by far the best I have ever had. Living in the East Coast, it’s hard to resist bagels however with these I feel like I’m not missing out on anything. Customer Service is also excellent, they go above and beyond to make sure the bagels are delivered to you fresh!
38 reviews
Omg where have you been all my life! I’m in shock and in heaven. It actually tastes and feels like a real bagel. Thank you for saving me from eating myself sick. Amazing!
38 reviews
Best low carb bagels I've had! Very large so the half serving size is perfect. They also came very fresh unlike another company I ordered from that came stale and moldy. Just made my second order!
38 reviews
Just received my order today. I ordered 3 everything bagels in case they tasted like cardboard. I toasted a bagel and added cream cheese. It was so good! I will be ordering in larger quantities in the future. So glad I found this company! I can't wait to try all the other products I ordered.
38 reviews
These are the best low carb bagels I have ever tasted. I wasn't sure what to expect beforehand, therefore, I only ordered the three-pack. I suggest to all to buy the dozen. You can freeze them. They arrived fresh. I toast them and make mini pizza's. Trust me - they are delicious !!!!
38 reviews
Okay, I have to say these are pretty good bagels & the fact that they're fresh is even better. I tried toasted and not toasted & good both ways. The only other low carb bagel I tried was the Thin Slim Foods brand & theyre bagels come frozen, are very dry & pretty tasteless, like cardboard even. Can't wait to try the onion garlic and sesame bagels.
38 reviews
O'Dell Isaac II
The bagels are my favorite LC Foods item. For sandwiches, I actually prefer them to the low-carb bread. And, of course, they are terrific toasted, with cream cheese!
38 reviews
FANTASTIC! Oh my goodness. Just had one with cream cheese, bacon and eggs. wow!
38 reviews
WOW!!! This is hands down the best low carb bagel I have had in my life. About a year ago I had bought these. They were just "ok". I have no idea what they did but this last order I received they were so good I had to keep reading the label to see if they were low carb because they just taste to good to be true. I toast them and ad butter. Simply delicious!
38 reviews
Are you SURE these are low carb? Amazing!!!! I toasted half a bagel, beautiful toasting but really beautiful tasting! Smeared some organic cream cheese and Wow! After trying so many costly low card breads and such, I can't believe how extraordinary these taste. I immediately went to my freezer and threw out every paleo, low carb rubbery nasty bread I had in there. This will be my go to, thank you!
38 reviews
I've been eating these bagels for well over a year and they have been the best low carb substitute for regular bagels that I have found, but lately, the bagels have been even better! I'm not sure if LC Foods is doing something different but the bagels are softer and more like regular bagels than ever! Not just these but also the cinnamon raisin bagels! Now hoping we see sesame bagels soon!
38 reviews
This are, hands down, the best bagels I've ever eaten. I *never* write food reviews. They're dense, chewy, and delicious. They remind me of a NYC deli bagel. I can honestly say I cannot tell the difference and I'm tough one to convince. I do not like most low carb breads.
38 reviews
Fresh and Chewy
Its low carb, but it tastes so much fresher than the other brands I've purchased. It's also very chewy- I guess they use more gluten. Whatever it is it's better than the other bagels on the market.
38 reviews
If you only order one thing from this site it should be the everything bagels! Sooooo good! I only ate a quarter of the bagel at a time (with tons of cream cheese) so the bag lasted a good while. I am so impressed with these! Very close to the real thing. I just wish their cinnamon bread was this tender and tasty!
38 reviews
I am shocked at how great these are! I have had many many low carb products and nothing comes as close to the real thing as these do. I am not going to say they are as great as regular bagels, but for something that is guilt free they taste even better! Will buy again!
38 reviews
Absolutely delicious! A real treat especially if you're on a keto diet as I am. Toast until crunchy, add a little butter and cream cheese...you'll feel like you cheated on your diet! Thank-you LC Foods!
38 reviews
Best item LC Foods produces. Bagels are as good as if not better than fresh bakery goods.
38 reviews
Kicking myself that I only ordered one bag the first time, but had to be sure. These are amazing. Great texture and the perfect crunch when toasted. I put a little butter or cream cheese on them for breakfast and they are really filling! Ordering several more this trip!
38 reviews
These are so good! I'm so glad I tried these. They toast well and I love the texture. My only regret is buying only one bag. After I leave this review I am ordering several more.
38 reviews
Usually the low carb breads that I've found are dry and they become hard like a hockey puck when you toast them. However, the LC bagels from this site are REALLY GOOD! They taste great, and are a normal size. Very filling too!
38 reviews
Unbelievably good. Dense, satisfying, moist, fresh when delivered. Low cal, low carb -- this is my new go-to bread. After doing without for so long, this is a great find! A real treat!
38 reviews
I was so excited to find a low-carb everything bagel!!! These are awesome! I broil them with butter until they get crispy... Delicious! I was sad that my bagel days were over until I found these. They are so awesome!
38 reviews
These are one of my favorite LC Foods products. LOVE them- so similar to 'real' bagels, it makes me smile every time I eat one. They toast well, have great texture, and freeze well too.
38 reviews
These are great. I double toast them and butter. OMG...Not just is the taste good, but it satisfies my crunch craving too. I can't bring myself to put anything else on it because I like the taste so much. Thank You!
38 reviews
These are the best bagels I've ever had! It's just like a regular bagel, but without the extra carbs! Re-ordering NOW! :D
38 reviews
These are awesome! Will purchase again
38 reviews
Michelle MacVane
These are very good! Best low carb bagel I've tried yet! it's funny there is no hole in the middle but I can live with that.. they actually toast up very nice and the inside is chewy (not spongey like low carb can sometimes be) like a real bagel.. they remind me of an everything Wheat bagel that we can get here in my home town.. delish.. thanks Michelle
38 reviews
These are the the closest to "real" bagels that I have tried. Well done!!!
38 reviews
These bagels are very good. I've had several low-carb bagels and these are the best and the lowest in carbs of the bunch. I'm not going to say you won't be able to tell these from regular bagels, but they certainly are more than acceptable for almost every use. They also toast like regular bagels.
38 reviews
These are just simply amazing!

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