A Note From The Founder: Registered Users

6 Benefits to being a registered user on LowCarbFoods.com

Registered users have more fun!

Checking out as a guest or as a registered user is a decision you will need to make.  Registered users opting in for the newsletters, get the following 5 benefits exclusively. Don’t be left behind on these benefits.

  1. Coupons and discount codes are available to registered users through the newsletters and emailed promotions.
  2. Look back at your order history whenever you want.
  3. Sign up for a subscription simply and easily.
  4. Items entered into your cart are remembered until you check out in the future.
  5. Receive the Low Carb Ideas Weekly Publication – included are recipes, low carb tips, a comic, founders notes and ideas. It’s not a sales pitch, but an informational low carb resource publication for you to enjoy.
  6. Your shipping addresses are remembered so you don’t need to re- enter them each time you order.

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