A Note From The Founder: The Cost of Low Carb Explained

There have been some customer questions regarding pricing of our products, and why to some, they seem overly expensive. As the owner, I have struggled with this for years. Trying to maintain prices for my valued customers while at the same time trying to pay my bills.

There are 3 main factors that contribute to the pricing of our products.

The first, most significant factor is the ingredients. To make low carb mixes, it requires specialized products like protein isolates and resistant starches. A pallet of regular flour costs about $800, our Protein isolates and resistant starches are nearer to $8,000 per pallet. You can see the quandary here.

The second factor is, ingredient suppliers, just like everyone else, are raising prices, and freight costs to ship these products to us, they are going up continually, as well. Most think you can just eat the cost, but if we have established our prices on fixed ingredient costs and freight costs, and those costs go up, then we need to raise our prices as well.

The last factor is shipping. EVERYONE LOVES free shipping (even me sometimes) …But is it really FREE? No, actually we have to pay shipping to every destination.. UPS, FEDEX and USPS never say…Hey!! Today is free! We will take all your packages going out and not charge you today!….hmmm Well, I will wake up from my dream now!

So we have had to average shipping to East Coast and West Coast Customers, and since we are in Raleigh NC, East Coast Customers end up paying a little more with costs built into the product cost being averaged with West Coast Customers paying a little less on average for the real shipping costs. So, we have a flat rate and a FREE shipping option for you, but be aware, we still have to pay all our shipping bills each week, it’s a reality.

Despite the many hurdles we face each day to continue to serve you, it’s what my team and I love to do. This is why you can always count on us to keep the costs as low as we can while still maintaining a healthy business.

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