Back to Routine – Keep Weeknight Dinners Simple

It’s day 4 in our series on staying low carb while getting back into your fall routine. If you missed them, check out the previous posts:

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food0101351176557Keep Weeknight Dinners Simple

“What’s for dinner?” is that haunting question on everyone’s mind during the commute home from work. Some people find meal planning and prep to be the most helpful trick to answering this question. But if that’s not your style, here is a simple tip: keep weeknight dinners simple!

Start by choosing a protein: chicken, turkey, steak, ham, ground meat, fish, shrimp.

Then choose a veggie or a variety of veggies for your side. You can prepare them simply by sautéing in a little of your favorite oil: coconut, olive, avocado, etc. Or steam them for a crisp and nutritious vegetable side. Use frozen veggies for the easiest option. Many grocery stores sell variety bags of frozen veggies like stir fry mix. This makes it easy to cook a variety of veggies quickly and easily.

Use seasonings such as herbs, spices, and fresh ground Himalayan pink salt and black pepper for the best flavor without adding carbs. If you’re looking for a little more flavor, try LC Foods variety of sauces and condiments to jazz up your meal. We offer a delicious low carb teriyaki sauce that makes a great stir fry!

When in doubt, throw together a salad using whatever is in your fridge. Make your own dressing to keep it low carb. The basic salad dressing recipe includes an oil of your choice, vinegar of your choice or lemon juice, and herbs and spices. For a creamy dressing, use mayonnaise or sour cream as your base.

If it’s Friday night and you’re craving pizza, try our low carb fresh baked pizza shells! They can be easily frozen so you can keep a supply on hand. The topping possibilities are endless!

Do you have a go-to weeknight dinner recipe? Have you made your favorite pizza with our low carb pizza shells? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Check back with us tomorrow for more low carb tips to keep you on track during the fall season!

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