FAQ’s: Does the Nutritional Information Shown on LC Labels Include Ingredients I Add to Make the Finished Product?

The nutritional statement and serving size for our products are for the mix only, and NOT for the finished product. Some of our products have a 2nd line indicating how much the serving size makes into a finished product once you add your wet ingredients and prepare the product per the instructions.

The ingredients that you add should be mainly adding only fat and protein to your mix, not significant carbohydrates, which is what our products are all about. We cannot predict the nutritional values of a customer’s added ingredients that they purchase, because, for example, all heavy cream or sour cream are not created equal.

You want to choose these products with the least amount of milk sugar added and read your labels. There is sour cream, for example, made purely from cultured cream and others that are part cultured cream and part milk product, and even some with added sugar. Whether milk is skim or whole it usually contains the same sugar/lactose/carbohydrates in it.

In the same way, for example, heavy cream or whipping cream can be pure cream which is without sugar/lactose/carbohydrates and others made more like a half and half adding milk of some kind. The dairy producer does this to save money, because to most consumers as long is it whips up into cream they are happy.

Another example in variances is eggs. Twenty years ago an egg in a carton labeled “large” today looks like a small egg. There is also a big difference in protein and fat between a small egg and a real, honest to goodness, large egg. So you will need to add in the nutritional information for your added ingredients, and divide by your number of serving per the package. 

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