How to Feel Full on a Low Carb Diet

So you want to feel full on your low carb diet or lifestyle. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, but hate feeling empty. What to eat is the question. Well, everyone may not feel full on the same exact food. Sticking to 3 categories is best. Proteins, fats and non-starchy vegetables will be your best choices. This may be trial and error initially, and finding the correct combination that works well for you will be your success.

In the protein category, choose non-processed meat proteins. Many processed meats have sugar added from corn syrup solids or dextrose additives. Look for 0 carb protein sources. This means no lunch meat or sausages, because most have this added sugar. Remember to read the labels! Pure meat protein has zero carbohydrates. This is not a low fat diet, so don’t be fooled with the idea of lean protein. Fat is good and helps with staying full longer. Choose any non-processed protein, from Chicken to Turkey, Beef, Pork or Fish. Enjoy 100g – 200g and see what happens and if these select cuts will keep you full.

In the vegetable category, try some sautéed summer squash or zucchini as a versatile and nutritious food to eat when you want to fill up. Due to its high fiber and water content, squashes contribute to healthy digestion and can keep your hunger at bay. Cauliflower is another low-carb food with a high nutrient payoff. Loaded with fiber, cauliflower can improve digestion and keep you feeling full. Enjoy a bowl of steamed spinach or swiss chard, packed with amazing vitamins, or enjoy some sautéed mushrooms with butter, as a good fiber source. Use lots of butter to add good healthy fats to your vegetable dish. Make a vegetable cream sauce using heavy cream, butter and even some cheese. Thicken with LC Thick’n Saucy for a great cream sauce that you can enjoy on all your vegetables. Have a serving of 2-3 cups and see if these delicious vegetables can help keep you full.

In the fats category, which is the choice of most following a ketogenic lifestyle, add high fat foods to your diet to keep you full longer. Enjoy hard cheeses, which are lower in carbohydrates than processed cheeses, because processed cheeses have more milk content, which adds more lactose sugar. Remember to read your labels! You will see the difference. Avocados are also an amazing fat and source of fiber. With their healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, they are hard to beat. How about some delicious fatty bacon? Or, some low carb cream cheese filled into celery sticks? Also consider almonds as one of the lowest carb nuts or pine nuts. Try some liverwurst or braunschweiger, both these organ meats have a high content of fat, a great ratio of fat to protein for Keto folks. Another option are pork rinds which offer both protein and fat with no carbs and give you the crunch you are craving.

Eggs are a great source for stay-full foods. Hard boiled is great for on the go. Deviled eggs are another choice prepared with mayo another fat source, or just enjoy any egg dish prepared the way you want. Load up your eggs with extra cheese, combine good fats and proteins together for a stay full kind of feeling. Make a crust-less quiche using cream, eggs, cheese, vegetables and meat for a really great, fill you up meal or snack.

Article prepared by LC-Foods

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