Keto and Improved Athletic Performance

A review of ketogenic diets examined if athletic performance could be improved using the low-carbohydrate-high-fat eating program. According to research, keto diets may help athletes control body weight, reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass in weight-sensitive sports.

In some situations, it appears that endurance athletes adapt to keto diets and are able to burn fat more efficiently than their high-carb, low-fat counterparts. Other keto athletes have also shown similar muscle glycogen content and tissue repair at the same rate as an athlete consuming a typical higher carb diet. The increased fat oxidation and rate of glycogen return may be of significant benefit to some endurance athletes.

Further studies indicated elite male gymnasts using a keto diet maintained maximal strength and significantly reduced body weight and fat.

 Other findings indicated keto diets in combination with resistance training may allow athletes to maintain muscle and burn fat.

Source: verywellfit.com