LC Foods Announces Release of 14 New Artificial Sweetener Free Products

AS Free Press Release

We are in the midst of converting our entire catalog of products to artificial sweetener-free status.

The LC Foods Corporation has announced that fourteen additional products from their selection of food items are now 100% natural and completely artificial sweetener-free.  These are the latest products from the LC Foods roster that are now made exclusively with natural sweeteners and all natural ingredients.

Over the years numerous studies have reported findings about the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners.  As part of its mission to serve the diabetic-friendly, low carb and gluten-free communities, LC Foods is now in the process of removing artificial sweeteners from every product it makes.

The new product items are: LC-Butter Cookies, LC-Banana Bread, LC-Cranberry Muffins, LC-Cinnamon Buns, LC-Gingerbread Cookies, LC-Granola & Cookie Bites, LC- Hot Cocoa, LC-Muffin Mix, LC-Pumpkin Bread, LC-Raspberry Muffins, LC-Vanilla Frosting, LC-Vanilla Ice Cream, and LC-Yellow Cake.

According to LC Foods Founder and Owner Glen Frederich, “We are very pleased to announce the release of these popular reformulated products.  Our company’s goal is to have artificial sweeteners completely removed from every one of our products by the end of 2013.  This represents the latest step in that process.  Now top-selling products such as our butter cookies, banana bread, muffin mixes and vanilla ice cream are made exclusively with natural ingredients.”

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