Low Carb (aka Stella Style) on a Budget- Part 2

GeorgeWe’re back with more tips from George Stella on how to keep your low carb diet budget manageable and under control.

Find the Right Times to Buy in Bulk – If you’ve ever shopped at one of those “club” stores, you know that buying in bulk can add up rather quickly.  If it’s food that could spoil before you’ve finished it or if it’s food that you’re likely to snack, snack, snack on; you’d be better off paying slightly more for a smaller package.  Now, if it’s chicken breasts on sale for half price, buy them up and stick em’ in the freezer!

Plan on Leftovers– There’s something to be said about elegantly executed leftovers.  Some dishes, like casseroles, even taste better when you’ve let the flavors mingle overnight.  We’re almost always eating last night’s dinner for lunch, so when it comes to our shopping list, we’ve got lunch covered.

Pack the Protein– Buying breakfasts, lunches and snacks that pack the most protein for the buck will help you get through your day feeling full and satisfied.  Eggs, nuts, beans and soy or vegetable proteins are all relatively cheap for the amount of protein you’ll get.

Buy Reduced Produce – You’d be surprised by what you can find on the produce section’s reduced rack.  Grocery stores aren’t trying to sell you rotten fruit and vegetables, just RIPE ones at ridiculously cheap prices.  Sure, you’ll have to eat them within a day or two, but every penny counts and you were going to buy something for dinner anyway, weren’t you?

Get a Subtotal– Next time you’re shopping, keep all of your non-food items separate and ask for a subtotal before ringing up the food.  You may be surprised by how much of your grocery budget is going to household items and toiletries.  In the end, your health is worth any cost and switching to generic toiletries, cleaners, detergents and the like may save you more money you can put on the dinner table.

Armed with all of these tips, we hope to help you make sure a low carb diet will slim your waist and health bills, not your wallet.

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