How Going on a Low Carb Diet Can Help Women with PCOS

There is a glimmer of hope for women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition affects hormone levels, causing the body to produce more male hormones than normal for an imbalance that leads to skipped periods while making it more difficult to successfully achieve pregnancy.

If you’re among the 10% of women that have PCOS, it can be mildly inconvenient with irregular or painful periods, acne, obesity, and excess facial and body hair. But for those trying to get pregnant, it can be crushingly disappointing since it causes infertility.

Good news for a grim diagnosis

You’re more likely to be diagnosed with PCOS if you’re overweight, have type 2 diabetes, or are insulin resistant. Hypertension and low levels of HDL cholesterol (the good one) are also contributing factors. Despite this though, many women are finding that with a change in lifestyle, particularly one that results in losing weight, PCOS can improve and even reverse.

Of particular note, going on a low carb diet seems to be one of the most effective ways to lower those high insulin levels and reverse metabolic issues like PCOS. Working with your doctor and choosing a low carb lifestyle might be all it takes to help you create the family you’ve always dreamed about starting!

The proof is in the studies

In 2005, one study of women with PCOS had them on a keto low carb diet for a duration of 6 months. For those that completed the study, their weight, hormones, and body hair woes greatly improved. Of those women, 2 went on to get pregnant even after having infertility issues prior to the study.

Later on, another study found that even slightly reducing carbs at a rate of 55% to 41% of total energy made a significant change in weight, hormones, and other risk factors of PCOS. Most recently, in 2017, a study review found that low carb diets benefit insulin levels, correct hormonal imbalance, and bring ovulation back for improved odds of pregnancy.

Based on the evidence of these studies, doctors are encouraging their patients with PCOS to adopt a low carb lifestyle. Pregnancy might not follow immediately, however, the chances for it to happen become greater and greater as the excess weight is lost and hormonal balances are corrected.

The simple science of reversing PCOS

Many women have reversed PCOS after going low carb. Like math, science doesn’t lie. When you switch to a low carb lifestyle, it lowers your insulin. This creates a chain reaction that reverses insulin resistance and balances out your hormones. When that balance is established, it is easier for your body to ovulate as it should and regulate your menstrual cycle.

According to fertility specialist, Dr. Michael Fox, the increase in the rate of pregnancy was incredible for those that cut carbs. With over a decade of experience on the subject. Dr. Fox has helped many patients with PCOS and infertility issues by getting them on a low carb diet.

Dr. Fox’s findings were that when women with PCOS added a low carb diet in addition to the medications they were prescribed, the chance of pregnancy went from less than 50% to over 90%.

Instead of spending a fortune for IVF, a method that isn’t even guaranteed to work, if you have PCOS and want to start a family, use the low carb diet. It’s easier than ever to eat the tasty foods you love without giving up your health. And even if you’re not thinking about bringing children into the world, that low carb diet will help relieve and possibly reverse your PCOS symptoms for good for a better quality of life overall.

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