Low Carb vs Low Fat Diets

So, last week we gave you a glimpse of how calories are counted depending on where you live in the world. The most important thing to understand in the U.S. is that Calories are counted for a LOW FAT diet only because this makes no sense otherwise.

Here is how it works. 1 Fat Gram is 9 Calories. 1 Protein, Fiber or Carb gram is 4 Calories. It must make sense to everyone that if you want lower Calorie Intake, you need to decrease Your FAT not your sugars and starches. I think Paleo People understand this all too well, trying to maintain high levels of FAT in their diet to remain in Ketosis. How could they even consider counting calories? They can’t…. Calories and Low Fat Diets are bed Fellows- That is just reality. You can’t have it both ways.

I think most of the data and reports on the Internet are starting to side with Low Carb Diets being a stronger Weight Loss vehicle than Low Fat diets. Did you ever see the reports on the 80’s Alzheimer spikes? Why did they spike? Low Fat Diets starved the brains from Saturated fat needed for brain health in this writers opinion. Check it out for yourself!

Low Carb Diets are set up as a fat burning system, while low fat diets are setup as a sugar and starch burning system. Last time I checked, I have Fat hanging off my body that I want to burn, not sugar and starch hanging there. So it makes sense to me, I hope it does to you as well.

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