Simple Sayings For Living Low Carb

Over the last 15 years since my family started Low Carbing, I have come up with GeorgeStellaHeadshot new many sayings to help us all keep Livin’ Low Carb  and Lovin’ It! ~ George

George Stella Says:

-You Gotta EAT to LOSE weight!!!And it all begins with breakfast!

– Shop the outside isles of your grocery store where all the fresh, healthy foods are! The same foods that our ancestors grew, raised, and ATE and we didn’t have an obesity problem!

– Select the right, high-fiber colorful veggies and lean proteins, fill your fridge and play Iron Chef !

-When you’re Cooking with Color you’re Eating Healthy!

-Get into your kitchen and COOK! (get your kids in there too!)

-Find YOUR Style! If you want to lose weight, if you’re really ready to lose weight, you CAN! Regardless of what you call the way you eat, you can lose weight if you eat fresh healthy food.

-Like what you’re eating or you’re dooming yourself to failure.

-Don’t do without ~Reinvent! Replace your high-carb, sugar-laden and processed favorites with Good-carb fresh food alternatives.

-Eat well-rounded meals.

-Surround yourself with a strong support system.

-Down with Counting! Identify the right foods without obsessing over each and every carb or calorie.

-Keep menus simple while staying creative and exciting!

-Cook Ahead; Cook Once ~ Eat Twice! And freeze for grab-and-go anytime meals!

-Eat until you’re satisfied!

Get Motivated and Inspired to lose weight! —These are the 2 all-important ingredients for successfully changing the way we look at food and eat! Once that Light-Bulb goes off in your head and you know you can do it ~YOU WILL!!!

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