Sugar Free Chocolate: The Difference Between Sweeteners!

chocolate240At LC Foods we know you take your low carb foods seriously. Especially when it comes to the sugar alcohols that are found in our chocolate products.

If you’ve never heard about sugar alcohols, or you wonder what they are when you see them on food labels, this article will explain the differences between two popular sugar alcohols; maltitol and erythritol.

Sugar alcohols are manufactured from cornstarch. There are many of them including sorbitol, manitol, and isomalt. These sugar substitutes contain fewer calories, but are not calorie-free like many people think they are. In many cases, these sugar substitutes are not well absorbed into the body.

Two of the most popular sugar alcohol products are maltitol and erythritol. Let’s talk about maltitol first.

Maltitol is about 80% as sweet as sugar and is very similar to sugar in regards to the ways it feels in your mouth and the way it’s used in cooking. It’s occasionally in low calorie foods and foods labeled as sugar-free.

Maltitol has about 47% less calories than sugar and it doesn’t cause tooth decay. However, it has side-effects. Many people experience bloating and sometimes even diarrhea. Furthermore, these side effects are often accompanied by abdominal pain. This is the last thing you want to experience when switching over to a sugar substitute.

Erythritol, another popular sugar alcohol, is about 60% – 70% as sweet as sugar and virtually calorie-free. Of all the sugar alcohols, erythritol is the only one which doesn’t cause abdominal or stomach upset.

Erythritol does not spike blood sugar or insulin levels and is an excellent alternative for diabetics. It also doesn’t promote tooth decay. Because erythritol gets absorbed into the body way before it hits your colon, there’s no abdominal pain or discomfort, either.

It has been deemed safe to eat and tastes very much like sugar. So, which one would you choose?

16661LB_12_27_2013__13_37_49_700Our chocolates, such as our Dark Chocolate Chips and Low Carb Snack Packs, are only made with erythritol. You won’t find any surprising after-effects when you eat our chocolate. And best of all, no after-taste.

So, when you go looking for that perfect snack in between meals, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality low carb chocolate with LC Foods.

Chocolate doesn’t have to be on your “do not eat” list any longer. At LC Foods we give you only the very best ingredients!

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