Ultimate Keto-Friendly Gas Station Snacks List: A Guide To Low Carb Gas Station Snacking

Photo of Ultimate Keto-Friendly Gas Station Snacks List: A Guide To Low Carb Gas Station Snacking.

Gas stations are part of our everyday routine. No matter what we do in our daily routines or where we go, a gas station is always a stable constant in our lives. However, if you’re following the wildly popular keto or low carb diets, you might run into the challenge of finding keto gas station snacks that follow the strict low to no-carbohydrate rule.

Are There Keto-Friendly Gas Station Snacks?

Gas stations are always in the plan for a hectic daily routine. You can’t get around without their services. However, when you walk through the gas station door, you’re greeted by a wonderland of treats. It is very tempting to grab a handful of whatever looks good, but you have to stick to your diet plan. Don’t worry; there are plenty of options for keto-friendly gas station snacks.

Beef Jerky

When in doubt, go for protein. Beef jerky might be a bit on the expensive side at gas stations, but they can be very low in carbohydrates. However, they won’t meet the fat requirements you need on the ketogenic diet. That means you’ll have to find packs of cheese if they’re available to pair with the jerky to get more fats into your gas station snacking.

Tip: Be sure to check beef jerky packs for their sugar contents. Not all jerky is created equally! Many Jerky’s have added carbs so be careful.

Dark Chocolate

If you’re not in the mood for jerky and want something sweet instead, then look for some keto-friendly dark chocolate at the gas station. However, take a look at the packaging and make sure the dark chocolate has at least 70% cocoa solids. Anything less, and you’re risking knocking yourself out of keto for sweet gas station snacks.


Be very careful when choosing nuts. Some are keto-friendly gas station snacks, while others contain more carbohydrates. If you want to stay safe, reach for macadamia nuts or pecans. However, just because they’re low in carbs doesn’t mean you can go nuts on them (pun intended). Consume a serving to satisfy the raging beast that is your stomach to give you a little burst of energy to get through your day but be sure to moderate your consumptions.

The Cooler Section

The average gas station has a cooler section where you can find everything from hard-boiled eggs to pickles. Hard-boiled eggs are a great option for filling up your stomach while minimizing your carbohydrate intake. Pickles are also found in the refrigerated section of a gas station and are a keto-friendly way to curb your hunger. You can also find packets of cream cheese, a great keto fill-you-up!

Sausages and Hot Dogs

Many gas stations have rollers with sausages and hot dogs ready for the eating. This can be a great warm option to satisfy that hunger and hold you over until your next meal. While the sausages and hot dogs can be low carb friendly snacks, the buns are not! Be sure to stay away from buns and double check any condiments you might be adding. Mustard and Mayonnaise are usually your lowest carb options. Also look out for condiments with higher sugar levels such as ketchup and relish.

Much like a stop at the gas station to fill up, following a keto diet is also something you should plan into your day. Why not combine the two plans together? Here are some tips when making your gas station trips:

1. Don’t Go On Impulse!

Even when the cravings hit, you need to stick to your plan. Gas stations are notorious for being a place people go when they have the urge for carbohydrate-packed treats. If you go when you’re feeling hungry, you might walk out with non-keto-friendly snacks.

2. Water Helps Curb The Hunger

If there are no keto-friendly options at your local or roadside gas station, then picking up a bottle of water is not the worst option. If you need something fizzy at a gas station without compromising your keto diet, then look for sugar-free beverages or diet sodas.

3. Pack Your Own Snacks Instead

Why go inside the gas station at all when you can pack your own snacks! You can roll up to the gas pump, pay for your gas at the pump, and never have to go inside to be tempted by not-so-friendly-keto snacks. Keto, much like a gas station trip, should be planned ahead. It’s best to stay prepared.

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