Weighing In

GeorgeOnce I got going losing weight on low carb, I couldn’t wait to weigh myself every day. I expected to see a loss every day too! But was I expecting too much? Of course I was. After all, it took twenty years of wrong choices to top four hundred pounds, so why should I think the weight might disappear at more than ten times that rate?

On the days that I was sure I should have lost more pounds, but didn’t, the numbers on the scale starting weighing heavily on my mind. I would step on that scale again and again and again. Several times throughout the day and night. Several times in one single day! It was addictive at first, but it was also an unnecessary stress. You should never focus on the negative!

It is always important to keep close track of your progress, but obsessing over the numbers will only drive you batty! I’ve heard stories of people literally throwing their scales out the window. Think about it: say you’ve had a successful month of weight loss but today you’re retaining fluids, and the scale will say you’ve gained two pounds. There are two possible reactions. One is that you reassess your habits and hype yourself up for your next wave of weight loss. The other is that you’ll beat yourself up over it, and maybe even fall completely off the wagon. I’ve heard of both scenarios happening time and time again.

My tug-of-war with the scale ended when I accepted that, for me, weight comes off sporadically. I would lose four pounds all at once and then nothing for the next five days. So, in time, I curbed my appetite for that scale. I started limiting myself to only a few visits a month. I only weighed myself at the same time of day: first thing, before breakfast, because my weight would fluctuate any time after that.

But most importantly, I learned that one of the best ways to keep track of your progress—to know if you are losing, maintaining or dare I say, gaining – is your clothes. When something started feeling tight, I used to ask Rachel if she used the dryer on high heat and shrunk my clothes (because that’s happened more than once!). But now I’ve learned to stop asking Rachel about the dryer altogether, and simply evaluate my eating habits for the week and adjust.
I don’t mind dropping a few more pounds while still keeping the peace!
Keep On Low Carbin’
Chef George Stella

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