What are Exogenous Ketones and who are they for?

The keto diet has been raging in popularity for several years with many benefits such as weight loss, increased levels of good cholesterol (HDL), reduced blood sugar and insulin levels, and more. There are a lot of people on this diet thriving, including those with Type 2 Diabetes. But you may have also heard of people taking ketone supplements, or exogenous ketones, and wondered what they are and if they’d be beneficial for you as well. In this article we’ll discuss ketone drinks for low carb diets.

What are Exogenous Ketones?

If you want to know what Exogenous Ketones are, you’ll need to understand what ketones are. Ketones, or “ketone bodies” are made in the body when your body experiences what it thinks is starvation, also known as a state of “ketosis”. This can be done through the keto diet by restricting carbohydrates and fats which causes ketone bodies to be produced by breaking down fat for energy (instead of carbohydrates). Exogenous Ketones are ketone supplements created outside of the body rather than being created in the body.

Who should take Exogenous Ketones?

There are a number of groups of people who would benefit from taking exogenous ketones. Most of the focus is put on two groups: athletes and those who are on the keto diet and struggling with how strict the diet is, but still want to get to a state of ketosis. For those on the keto diet, keto drinks for low carb diets can help you be more flexible with your diet while still achieving ketosis. However, those who have Type 2 Diabetes or are on a low carb diet can also benefit from ketones.

A ketogenic diet has shown to be beneficial to those who have Type 2 Diabetes. This is mainly because the diet is focused on eating healthy fats and protein and strictly limiting carbohydrates. However, because the diet can be strict and can be challenging to stick to perfectly, it can be helpful to supplement with exogenous ketones. So if you’re someone who is trying to stay low carb for Type 2 Diabetes, or even to lose weight, then adding an exogenous ketone supplement may be beneficial to your goals.

In a recent study found in the Journal of Physiology, it was found that a ketone supplement can lower sugar levels. The study included twenty individuals who, on two occasions, consumed a ketone supplement or a placebo after a 10 hour fast. After 30 minutes, they were given a drink with 75 grams of sugar. Compared to the placebo, the blood sugar spike was reduced on the day that the participants took the ketone drink. Since this study was done on healthy individuals, and not focused on Type 2 Diabetes, research based on those with Type 2 Diabetes needs to be done in order to get the full picture. However, this study showed that exogenous ketones look promising as a beneficial supplement for those with type 2 diabetes. Exogenous ketones can be a beneficial supplement for those on the keto diet, or possibly even for those who are Type 2 Diabetics. However, as always it’s important to speak to your doctor before adding any supplement, especially one that may lower your blood sugar, to your diet.

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