What to Do with Whole Grains

GeorgeStellaHeadshot newWhen you’re just getting started on a low carb lifestyle, you should keep your distance from whole grains for at least the first two weeks. That said, whole grains are far more wholesome than their refined cousins, and a suitable addition to your diet if you are just trying to eat healthier or are approaching your desired weight loss goal.

Just be sure to check the ingredients to see if what you’re eating truly is “whole” grain, with the bran and germ still intact, because many breads and cereals make the claim but only use some whole grains in the product.  And make sure you can trust that the company making and selling the products and that they are being truthful in their labeling; a simple search on the web can usually turn up suspect labeling.

I can tell you first hand, that LC-Foods Multi-Grain Bread Mix is one of those rare finds that allows you to still enjoy true whole grains while being able to maintain your low carb lifestyle.

The proprietary mix uses ingredients sought out from all over the world, I kid you not! Then the mixes are specially designed like no others to date, to afford you a real TRULY Low Carb count in a real bread!

If you’re a Low-Carber, you should be able to bring all whole grains back into your life as soon as you’ve reached your goal! And if not, we have got you covered with an entire line of totally Gluten-Free  AND Low-Carb breads, brownies and more!
Keep On Low Carbin’
Chef George Stella
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