Your Low Carb Thanksgiving with LC Foods!

Your Low Carb Thanksgiving with LC Foods 

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LC Foods would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all of your support throughout the year!

Just 16 days away and usually known as a day for over-eating and over-indulgence, LC Foods is here to keep you on track with our delicious, low carb Thanksgiving products! Our products are all-natural and are made with rich protein and fiber, and without sugar or artificial sweeteners!

StuffingLC-Bread Stuffing Mix

Low carb stuffing with just 1 net carb per serving! Easy to make and delicious! A great holiday favorite, now a low carb classic.

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LC-Cranberry Sauce

Low carb and gluten free cranberry sauce with 0 net carbs! Easy to make and so delicious! Just add whole cranberries and boil for 10 min!

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MashedLC-Mashed Potatoes

Low carb and gluten free mashed potatoes with just 4.8 net carbs per serving. Delicious and easy to make with cooked cauliflower!

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DinnerRollsLC-Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls

Fresh baked, low carb dinner rolls with just 1.5 net carbs per roll. Amazing taste and perfect texture with no preparation – just enjoy!

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GravyLC-Gravy (Thick’n Saucy)

Low carb and gluten free thickener with 0 net carbs! Use LC-Thick’n Saucy in place of regular flour to make the perfect gravy!

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Coconut CreamLC-Coconut Cream

With only 1 net carb per serving, our rich coconut cream can be used as a dairy-free alternative in any of our recipes. Try making a delicious coconut whipped cream!

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Pie CrustLC-Pie Crust Mix

Low carb pie crust with just 2 net carbs per serving! Flaky and delicious! Use this mix to make the perfect low carb pie crust for our low carb pumpkin pie recipe! 

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Pumpkin BreadLC-Pumpkin Bread Mix

Low carb pumpkin bread with just 1 net carb per slice! Tastes delicious! Add a handful of our low carb chocolate buttons (chopped) for an irresistible chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

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Vanilla FrostingLC-Vanilla Frosting Mix

Low carb and gluten free vanilla frosting with 0 net carbs! Super easy to make – ready in less than 5 minutes! Try spreading this delicious frosting on top of our LC-Pumpkin Bread.

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SweetenersLC-Natural Sweeteners

Zero carb, gluten free, all natural sweeteners with no aftertaste! Substitute our low carb sweeteners for regular sugar in your favorite recipes. Perfect for Thanksgiving baking!

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