Low Carb 12" Thin Crust Pizza Shells - 3 Pack - Fresh Baked

Low Carb 12" Thin Crust Pizza Shells - 3 Pack - Fresh Baked
Price: $19.98
Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
UPC: 754205304868
Availability: In Stock
Size: 19.4 oz (552g)

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Enjoy our NY Style 12" Low Carb Thin Crust Pizza Shells. You get 3 fresh baked, low carb 12" thin crust pizza shells - A raised crust edge so you can add your toppings easily. If your a fan of NY Style Thin Crust Pizza, This one is for you. These shells are par baked to perfection, and ready for your oven. Finished them off with your favorite toppings and only 4 net carbs for the entire pizza  and .5 net carbs per slice. Amazing taste and perfect texture with no preparation - just add your favorite toppings, bake and enjoy in just  8 -10 minutes!

Perfect for family "make your own pizza night", game nights or movie nights. Our low carb thin crust pizza shells measure 12" in diameter and come in a re-sealable package containing 3 shells, which means you get 24 delicious 5" pizza slice wedges, making this a great value for your money! You can freeze them with confidence, knowing that they've never been previously frozen and will taste great! And we guarantee that our fresh baked thin crust pizza shells are the best tasting and most affordable pizza crusts on the market! These fresh baked pizza shells are formulated with high protein and fiber. This means it will keep you fuller for longer and has the fiber "built in" to regulate and assist with protein digestion to keep you healthier. Naturally, the pizza shells are also totally sugar free, and did we mention only .5 net carbs per slice or 4g net carbs for the whole shell.

They are delivered to you fresh from our ovens just after the day it is baked. You don't have to mix it or knead it. So easy and delicious! Our low carb fresh baked thin crust pizza shells are known to be as good as it gets for low carb pizza! They feature premium wheat proteins isolates, natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or "junk" that you see in many pizza crusts. 

Finally - home delivered fresh baked low carb thin crust pizza shells. No junk ingredients. No pre-frozen product.

As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 slice (23g) 5" pizza shell slice
Servings per Container: 24
Calories: 62 Cal
Calories from Fat: 15 Cal
Total Fat: 1.6 g
Saturated Fat: .1 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 85 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 5.5 g
Dietary Fiber: 5.0 g
Sugars: 0 g
Protein: 6.4 g
Net Carbs: .5 g
Wheat protein isolates, resistant wheat starches, flax seed meal, olive oil, vital wheat gluten, instant dry yeast, Inulin (chicory root) fiber, salt, calcium propionate (as a preservative), organic stevia rebaudiana leaf natural herbal extracts, and natural luo han guo monk fruit
12 reviews
Honestly like this crust better than pizza from a pizza place. It is amazing!!!
12 reviews
Oh wow you guys these are super good! Perfect crunch and flavor!! Cooks up fantastic. Thank you so much for such a treat-everyone in the fam loves these.
12 reviews
OMG! What Pizza Crust
These new thin pizza crusts are outstanding. For something so thin, they have so much flavor, we had to concentrate on not eating our cooked pizza too fast. Fantastic job LC-Foods. The packaging worked as expected, the cake board under the shells protected the crusts and now helps keep them separated after freezing. I'm sure it also helped that the shells were placed at the bottom of shipping box, which protected them on their journey.
12 reviews
These are awesome — exactly what I've been waiting for since the 6" shells came out. They're crispy and tasty, but are maybe still being tweaked as the two batches I received varied in texture. The first batch had cardboard under each shell (which was the optimal way to ship them) and were a little more firm and robust; you could hold one up and it would be rigid. My second batch had a single circle of cardboard supporting three shells, which kept them from getting folded but did nothing to keep them all from sticking together (which made them a little mangled when I tried to separate them). The crusts in this second batch were all thinner and flimsier, and would fold when picked up. Still, they all tasted good and really satisfied that pizza craving!
12 reviews
T. Kelemen
Fantastic! Tastes great, crispy, and easy to prepare. Will definitely buy again.
12 reviews
Thin Crust is great!
Love these pizza crusts - they are the perfect low carb crust. Can barely tell that they are low carb!! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.
12 reviews
Love this crust! Will definately order again. I like thin crispy crust and it is very thin and the edges of the crust get real hard and crispy. Now I can have pizza and not worry about the carbs or sugar and fats! So glad I found a low carb site with good products. Cannot wait to try all my other things I ordered.
12 reviews
We loved these! Will definitely be ordering more. It was the first pizza since we went low carb that actually tasted like pizza!
12 reviews
Better than anything I have ever made from scratch....love the thin crust! Made plain pepperoni pizza today, was delicious and as close as it gets to traditional pizza....gonna make Taco Pizza next! If you've been craving pizza this is it!
12 reviews
Was pleasantly surprised to make real pizza last night, that didn’t involve cauliflower!! Low carb way of eating needs these thin crusts ! They are the real thing. Crisp, not soggy or flimsy, and delicious! Thinking of all the kinds of things I can try with these… FROM LC-Foods - We will be adding a cake board under shells to keep the fold over from happening in the future.
12 reviews
Love the new thin crust pizza. Like the other review, I think it would be much better to somehow separate the three crusts during shipping. My crusts were also folded and smashed together due to the lack of support. Nonetheless, the thin crust is a great option for all those who don't like the thicker crusts. Thank you guys for the new thin crust option. FROM LC-Foods - We will be adding a cake board under shells to keep the fold over from happening in the future.
12 reviews
Good pizza
We received the thin pizza crust and had one for dinner this evening. We liked these much more than the thick version. However, when I first opened the bag, I saw that the crusts were folded over and I had to take them out of the bag to separate. Had I not separated the crusts before putting the two remaining crusts in the freezer, I believe it would have been hard to separate them later on because these are so thin. Perhaps a layer of paper between the crusts would be helpful. The crusts themselves, however, are a great product. Thanks for all of your great products. FROM LC-Foods - We will be adding a cake board under shells to keep the fold over from happening in the future.

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