Low Carb Diets Significantly Lower Your Appetite

This factor leading to Automatic Reduction in Calorie Intake, is probably the single biggest explanation for the weight loss effects of low carb diets, is their powerful effects on appetite.

It is well established that when people go low carb, their appetite goes down and they start eating fewer calories.

In fact, studies that compare low carb and low fat diets usually restrict calories in the low-fat groups, while the low-carb groups are allowed to eat until fullness.

Despite that, the low carb groups still usually lose more weight.

There are many possible explanations for this appetite reducing effect, some of which we have already covered.

The increased protein intake is a major factor, but there is also evidence that ketosis can have a powerful effect.

Many people who go on a ketogenic diet feel that they only need to eat 1 or 2 meals per day. They simply don’t get hungry more often.

There is also some evidence that low carb diets can have beneficial effects on appetite regulating hormones like leptin and ghrelin.

The bottom line is, low carb diets lead to an automatic reduction in calories.

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