The Best Hot Dog Buns for Diabetics

Get ready for a sizzling, low carb summer! It’s the time of year when friends and family gather for cookouts, barbecues and picnics. These events are filled with delicious foods, but the main event is usually the hot dogs and hamburgers. Yes, you can eat a hot dog bun on keto! Enjoy your freshly grilled hot dog on a low carb hot dog bun from LC Foods! The perfect substitute for traditional high carb hot dog rolls. You won’t believe they are low carb!
LC Foods offers specifically designed foods for all types of diabetic & low carb programs. All of our products are designed to not easily spike blood sugar levels, which releases insulin to create fat storage in the body. We have made every effort to ensure that our products are void of any simple sugars, corn syrups, wheat, and high carbohydrate flour products, low in net carbohydrates, and high in fiber and protein. Diabetics rejoice! Low carb hot dog buns are here to make your summer better!

LC Foods uses only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. We NEVER use artificial sweeteners or other ‘junk’ ingredients. Our low carb hot dog rolls feature premium wheat proteins. We never use soy proteins or lecithin and there is never any protein texture or flavor to our rolls (or anything else we make!) – they just taste like regular soft hot dog rolls, but super low carb with a great protein serving to boot. 

Our soft baked low carb hot dog buns have 11.7g of dietary fiber and 14g of protein per roll. This will keep you feeling full for longer, with the fiber built in to regulate and assist with protein digestion to keep you healthier! Naturally, these soft rolls are also totally sugar free, diabetic friendly and ketogenic.

They’re available in packs of 4 or 12, for all of your cookout needs!

Your summer barbecue or cookout just got better with delicious, soft baked low carb hot dog rolls. Enjoy a freshly grilled hot dog with all of your favorite keto toppings and condiments, nicely sandwiched in a hot dog bun. Forget the lettuce wrap. No need to eat your hot dog and toppings with a fork and knife. Enjoy them the classic way- in a bun, low carb, of course!

Whether you are grilling hot dogs, sausages or bratwurst, you can enjoy your meal with a low carb hot dog bun. Even a grilled vegetable sandwich can be served in a low carb hot dog bun from LC Foods! Grill your bun for a few minutes to warm it up and slightly toast it for the best tasting, low carb hot dog bun. Put a little butter or oil on it for an even better taste and texture.

You can store these keto friendly hot dog buns in the refrigerator or freezer. Just take out what you need and bring them to room temperature or warm them in the microwave or oven.

Low Carb Hot Dog Buns are not just for hot dogs! You can also enjoy these recipes that are perfectly served on a low carb hot dog roll. Get creative and make your own recipe. How about a PB&J on a low carb hot dog roll? There are endless possibilities!

Low Carb Grilled Beer Brats with Peppers and Onions

Instant Pot Low Carb Lobster Roll

Rest assured, if you’re in need of a low carb, keto, diabetic friendly hot dog bun, LC Foods has got you covered! Try our low carb hot dog rolls, available in packs of 4 or 12. Made with premium, all natural ingredients and no added sugar, these are sure to be the best tasting low carb hot dog rolls for diabetics.

LC Foods is your one-stop shop for all things low carb, keto, paleo, and diabetic-friendly. Whether you’re looking for low carb snacks, breads, desserts, or even low carb pasta like keto noodles and low carb noodles, we have it all. With a wide variety of products and recipes, you can easily find something that fits your dietary needs.